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The general laptop stand cannot be carried around because of its large size, which makes it impossible to get good posture correction in many workplaces. The Mini Magic Stand has a new design that can be folded into a smaller size, easily put in your pocket and taken to any workplace. 3-in-1 design can be used for laptops, tablets, and phones. One Stand is enough for all from now on. 

Experiencing lower back and neck pain from hunching over a screen for hours on end?

Transform your laptop into an ergonomically-friendly set-up to promote healthy posture and reduce back and neck pain.

  • Optimization And Comfort: Flexibility and customization in angle tilt and height allows every individual to achieve the most optimal and comfortable laptop position
  • Easy To Carry: The unique design is different from other products on the market, the size is smaller to save desktop space, and it can be folded and easily put into the pocket
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation: When the stand supports the laptop or tablet, the heat dissipation surface of the device can be completely in contact with the air to provide better heat dissipation
  • Anti-slip & Stable: Each contact surface of the stand is added with a non-slip silicone layer. Make sure that the stand is in good contact with each surface and can be stably supported device anywhere.
  • Stylish, Simple and Durable: Fully foldable design, makes it more stylish and simple. The laptop stand is made of aluminium alloy, which is lighter and thinner under the same load-bearing capacity.



  • Product material: aluminium alloy
  • Net weight: about 170g
  • Product colour: silver/grey
  • Folding size: 31*143*19mm
  • Applicable products: mobile phones / Tablets / laptops / books


  • 1 * 3 in 1 Mini Magic Stand