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Night Light Cuddly Projector Plush

Night Light Cuddly Projector Plush

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Kid's favorite cuddle toy while going to sleep... 

There's nothing worse than being woken up in the middle of the nights by your kids. If you are struggling to get through a night wihtout your child waking up. Then this Star Belly Light Projector is for you.

It's a cuddly plush nightlight toy with this awesome little light in it's belly that turn your child's room into a starry night sky. That give your child a soothing and tight sleep. 

The various different colors and the movements make it even more fun. It creates a very good vibe in the room.

The best part is, it has an automatic shut off timer, preventing the batteries from draining. So your child can sleep all night in their own bed wihtout any nightmares.

Star Belly Dream Lites - Peppermint Berri


Looking for a special gift for your child, then choose this animal toy star light projector because there is no other better choice.

This projector can be used both as a toy and a dream night light. 

There is nothing to be scared about the materials as the materials are both baby skin-friendly and eco-friendly. So, there is no chance of any kind of irritation and disturbance. It can be used at home, travel, sleepovers, playtime, and more. 

Some of the Best Features of this Stuffed Animal Projector

  • Huggable, Soft & Plush Design

  • Belly Glows as a Soothing Nightlight

  • Projects 6 Colors – White, Pink, Blue, Light Blue, Green, as well as Amber

  • Mobile Motion– Rotates The Star Lights

    Great For Home, Traveling, Sleepovers & More

  • Your Child or Grandchild Will Love it!

  • Auto Shut Off Timer– 20 Minutes

  • 3 AAA Batteries (Not Included).

Design: This animal toy is specially designed for babies. The star dream lights projector creates glowing stars and fun shapes that drift over walls and the ceiling. It has a button to change the color.

Dream Belly Plush Night – Mouth Odour

Rainbow Color: This star light projector changes six different colors on the belly. To change the color just press the belly button.

Star Belly Dream Lites – Stuffed Animal Night Light - BeeHana

Soothing Sleep: The lights and colors of this animal toy with starlight projectors give your child a soothing and tight sleep. This product makes a comforting night light for your child.

 Dream Belly Plush Night – Mouth Odour

Soft and Comfortable: The animal toy is so soft and comfortable so your baby can easily cuddle and would love to hold the whole night.

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